McNamara Canoe Landing

Located on the east side of Columbia & Waverly Roads, McNamara Landing provides access to the Grand River and is approximately 45 minutes upstream from the Burchfield Park Canoe Livery. Restrooms, picnic tables, and grills can all be found at McNamara Landing.

Canoe and kayak trips are available weather permitting. Click here for more information. Upstream transportation is provided from Burchfield Park to McNamara Landing.

Dogs are allowed at McNamara Canoe Landing, if on a 6' or less leash and in the owners control, on the trails up to the cutoff. (There are signs posted at that point). Dogs are allowed in the pond, on a 6' or less leash.

McNamara Landing offers:

Canoe & Kayak Landing
Hiking Trails
Vault Toilet

Questions? Contact Tim Buckley, Park Manager at

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