Park Commission

Ingham County Parks & Recreation Members

Matthew Bennett, Chair
Cherry Hamrick, Vice-Chair
Michael Unsworth, Secretary
Steve James
Pat Lindemann, Ingham County Drain Commissioner
Paul Pratt, Drain Commissioner Designee
Simar Pawar
Commissioner Emily Stivers
Chris Swope, Tri-County Regional Planning Representative
Stephanie Thomas
Commissioner Chris Trubac, Ingham County Road Department Representative

The Parks & Recreation Commission shall conduct meetings as noted below:

 Date/Link to Packet  Time  Building/Park Room/Shelter  City
 January 13, 2020  5:30pm Human Services Building A  Lansing
February 24, 2020 & Public Hearing 5:30pm  Human Services Building  A  Lansing
 March 23, 2020 -CANCELLED 5:30pm  --- --- ---
 April 27, 2020 - CANCELLED 5:30pm  --- --- ---
May 11, 2020  5:30pm Virtual Meeting via Zoom:
Click HERE for meeting link
---  ---
 June 22, 2020  5:30pm  Virtual Meeting via Zoom:
Click HERE for meeting link
---  ---
 July 27, 2020  5:30pm Burchfield Park Overlook Shelter  Holt
 August 24, 2020  5:30pm Human Services Building  A  Lansing
 September 21, 2020  5:30pm  Human Services Building  A Lansing
 September 28, 2020  5:30pm Human Services Building  A  Lansing
 October 19, 2020  5:30pm Human Services Building A  Lansing
November 16, 2020 5:30pm Human Services Building A Lansing
December 14, 2020 5:30pm Hilliard Building B Mason


In the event of a special meeting, rescheduled meeting or cancellation of a regularly scheduled meeting, a notice will be posted at the Parks Department office, 121 E. Maple Street, Mason, MI 48854 and at the Ingham County Courthouse at least 18 hours prior to the time of the meeting or cancelled meeting.

Appointed by the County Services Committee of the Ingham County Board of Commissioners for four year staggered terms. The Parks & Recreation Commission has the following authority:

(1) The Parks & Recreation Commission shall adopt and provide for the enforcement of policies and regulations covering the use of park facilities, and the conduct of persons thereon, except that such policies and regulations shall be approved by the County Attorney as to form, and that the Administrative Services/Personnel Committee of the Board of Commissioners shall be given written advance notification of the proposed adoption or modification of such proposed policies or regulations;

(2) The Parks & Recreation Commission or its designated representatives may approve and sign agreements for the rental of County park facilities, such as pavilions, ball fields, etc., without further approval of the Board of Commissioners, provided the form of such agreements are approved by the County Attorney, and such agreements do not involve consideration exceeding $5,000;

(3) The Parks & Recreation Commission may set and periodically adjust user fees and rental fees pertaining to the use of park facilities and equipment, and entrance fees, with the approval of the Board of Commissioners.

(4) The Parks & Recreation Commission shall authorize such employees as necessary to assist the Parks & Recreation Commission and the maintenance and operation of the Parks system, subject to budgetary limitations. Such persons shall be County employees and supervised by the Parks & Recreation Commission.

Official minutes are stored and available for inspection at the address noted below. The Parks & Recreation Commission will provide necessary reasonable auxiliary aids and services, such as interpreters for the hearing impaired and audio tapes of printed materials being considered at the meeting for the visually impaired, for individuals with disabilities at the meeting upon five (5) working days notice to the Parks & Recreation Commission. Individuals with disabilities requiring auxiliary aids or services should contact the Parks & Recreation Commission by writing to the Ingham County Parks Department, P.O. Box 178, Mason, Michigan 48854, or by calling (517) 676-2233.

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