Band Shell

Band Shell Policy

The Band Shell Policy explains the standards and requirements in detail and is a ten page .PDF document.  Click HERE to download the Policy.

Band Shell Use Application

All four pages of the Band Shell Use Application must be completed and mailed/faxed to the Ingham County Parks Department Office 60 days prior to the date of the proposed event.  All information and required documentation must be received no later than 30 days prior to the date of the event.  Click HERE to download the Application.

Lake Lansing Band Shell Events

The Band Shell stage at Lake Lansing South is a multi-use facility capable of accommodating performances, plays, concerts, religious functions and other family-oriented cultural and social events by reservation.  

Please call 517-676-2233 in advance to reserve a date.  A Band Shell Use Application and Certificate of Insurance are required.

All Band Shell reservations are pending Park Manager approval.  Please download the Policy and Application below for your event.  If, after reviewing the appropriate policy, you have questions contact the Parks Department for more information by calling 517-244-7185.

Please mail the finished applications as well as a Certificate of Insurance to the Ingham County Parks Department at P.O. Box 178, Mason, Michigan 48854 or FAX the application to 517-244-7190.

Band Shell Fees

The following fees will be charged for the Band Shell stage:

Monday - Thursday, 11am-3pm $100
Monday - Thursday, 5pm-sunset $100
Monday - Thursday, 11am-sunset $100
Friday, 11am-3pm $100
Friday, 5pm-sunset $100
Friday, 11am-sunset $100
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays, 8am-11am $100
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays, 5pm-sunset $100

Please note that the Band Shell is not available for rent on Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays from 11am-5pm; prior to 11am Monday-Friday; and on Fridays from Memorial Day to Labor Day due to the free Friday night Band Shell concert series.

Use of Band Shell Equipment:
Public Address System - $50.00
Stage Chairs - $50.00
Music Stands - $50.00

Applicable fees are required 60 days prior to the planned event. These fees are non-refundable