Hawk Island Snow Park

Hawk Island Snow Park will provide anyone access to winter snow sports within the city limits of Lansing, Michigan.  This unique, active sports facility – one of a handful in the U.S. – will be an incredible community asset serving multi-cultural urban youth, their families, our neighbors and visitors.  Anyone can come to Hawk Island to experience snow tubing and snowboarding. 

Hawk Island Snow Park offers a snow tubing hill and a snowboarding hill.  Snow tubes are included in the rental fee or bring your own snowboard.  The snow tubing hill pulls participants to the top of the hill by a tubing lift.  The riders then travel down "chutes" made of sculpted snow, and can once again ride back up to the top. The second area is an Urban Terrain Park with features for snowboarders to include rails, and other items.  The terrain park also has a lift that will pull users to the top.  There is also a warming building and snack bar.  In addition, the 1.5 mile paved path around the lake and the River Trail South between Hawk Island Park and Potter Park is cleared of snow and is available for walking or jogging.

Click here for up to the minute information regarding the status of the hills.