Picnic Shelters

  Name of Shelter    Maximum Capacity    Rates 
   Cooper's Cabana      50   $75
   Kestrel      60   $75
   1/2 of Peregrine      60   $75
   Peregrine      120   $130
   Red Tail      375   $255

To reserve a shelter or to check availability, please call the parks office at (517) 676-2233 between the hours of 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday-Friday. 

For shelter reservation information regarding the alcohol, audio, caterer, cancellation, and dog policies for this park click here.  Information regarding park hours, general shelter information, safety, sporting equipment availability, park activities, restroom facilities, and the vehicle entrance fee is also available on this document.

If your event is catered, please provide Ingham County Parks Catering Policy to your caterer and have them email the Park Manager at least 48 hours in advance to discuss arrangements. Click here for the Catering Policy. 

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 Cooper's Cabana
Capacity 50
*No electricity
Does not protect from rain, shade kite will provide cover from sunlight

Kestrel Shelter
Capacity 60

Peregrine Shelter
Capacity 120 / 60
$130 / $75 

 Red Tail Shelter
Capacity 375


Hawk Island has one firepit it is located a the base of the snow hill, it is for winter use only.