Burchfield Park Picnic Shelters

  Name of Shelter    Maximum Capacity    Rates 
   Deer Run       60   $80
   North Bluff      240   $190
   1/2 of North Bluff      120   $105
   Overlook      240   $190
   Pine Knoll       60   $80
   Southridge       60   $80
   Woodsong      240   $190
   1/2 of Woodsong      120   $105
   Winter Sports Bldg      100   $96

To reserve a shelter or to check availability, please call the parks office at (517) 676-2233. 

For shelter reservation information regarding the alcohol, audio, caterer, cancellation, and dog policies for this park click here.  Information regarding park hours, general shelter information, safety, sporting equipment availability, park activities, restroom facilities, and the vehicle entrance fee is also available on this document. 

*The Winter Sports Building is an indoor facility and is only available limited times of the year (4/16 to 5/15 and 9/16-12/1 during normal park hours, and 12/2-4/15 only from Sunday-Thursdays from 6-9pm) with the exception of 12/15-1/7, holidays, the Sunday before MLK day, MLK Day, the Sunday before President's day, and President's Day.  Please note there is an additional after hours charge of $30 for reservations.  A five day prior notification will be required to rent the Winter Sports Building. Please call the office for more information.

If your event is catered, please provide Ingham County Parks Catering Policy to your caterer and have them email the Park Manager at least 48 hours in advance to discuss arrangements. Click here for the Catering Policy.
We have six firepits at Burchfield Park. One at each of our sledding hills and one at the Winter Sports Building. In addition, firepits are located at the Woodsong, North Bluff, and Overlook shelters.

Deer Run Shelter
Capacity 60

North Bluff Shelter
Capacity 240 / 120
$190 / $105

Southridge Shelter
Capacity 60

Woodsong Shelter
Capacity 240 / 120
$190 / $105

Pine Knoll Shelter
Capacity 60

Overlook Shelter

Capacity 240